Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Poll Results: "Do the rules regarding contesting vampires need an overhaul?"

Here are the results of the latest poll, if there is a need to overhaul the VtES rules regarding contesting vampires. 151 readers of this blog voted in the poll:
  • Yes, current rules suck! -- 9 (5%)
  • Yes, but only minor adjustments. -- 19 (12%)
  • No, rules are generally fine as they are. -- 35 (23%)
  • Stop messing with core rules. -- 67 (44%)
  • Contesting is not an issue. -- 21 (13%)
Only a minority of the readers (17%) think that the contest rules need to be revised in a more or less fundamental way, while another portion (13%) think that contesting is not generally an issue. The majority of the readers (67%) do not want a rules changes with regards to contesting vampires.

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