Friday, July 31, 2009

Poll Results: "Would you like to see the removal of the "transfer back" rule?"

Here are the results of the latest poll if one would like to see the removal of the "transfer back" rule as discussed in the VtES Usenet Newsgroup?". 120 readers of this blog have voted in this poll.
  • Yes. -- 8 (6%)
  • No. -- 86 (69%)
  • I quit playing VtES then. -- 22 (17%)
  • I wouldn't care. -- 7 (5%)
Not surprisingly a large majority (86%) is really not fond of this proposed rule change.

For reference here's the original rule change proposal by LSJ:
Well, with the understanding that influence-back rule was added to handle contesting issues (and has ended up turning Ecoterrorists and superior Govern and the like into bloat tools instead of the pack-building tools they were designed to be), I'd say changing something along those lines wouldn't be too out of line (as long as something's getting changed regarding contesting):
  • Remove "spend 2 transfers to move 1 counter from a card in your uncontrolled region to your pool."

  • Add "remove from the game a crypt card in your uncontrolled region that would contest a card in play to move all blood counters from it to your pool and draw a card from your crypt".

  • And make yielding a crypt card return the crypt card to the permanent controller's uncontrolled region, for good measure.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quietus is Broken

(c) by White WolfLooking at all the exciting posts on the newsgroup about Dominiate bounce, weenies (through transfers) & Heart being too broken, I thought I'd step in and talk about what is clearly the most broken discpline in the game -- Quietus.

Evidence of brokeness:
  • NAC 08 was won by an Assamite deck.

  • Inflamed by this, Matt Morgan went back in time an entire year. He then spent an the next 12 months trying to win a a tournament with an Assamite deck. After 12 months of no success he finally cracked on the right deck in time to lend it to Ben Peal to win the NAC & start the whole time travel thing again.

  • Matt's deck took time to get to the point where he felt he could play it against mere mortals - this included reducing the Quietus cards to 8. Peal, on the verge of godhood, decided to remove 2 more overpowered Quietus cards to give everyone else a better chance of winning.

  • 10,000 Finnish players can't be wrong.

  • The Path of Blood website has been placed on the CIA watchlist as 'Promoting dangerous thoughts of aggression'.

  • Ben Peal decided to break the discipline of Obfuscate by removing silly, weak, inferior, dominate & adding Quietus -- the superior killing discpline. This was in order to win -- no nice guy business from him.

  • The winners of the NAC & EC 08 used zero bounce cards in their decks & only 3 Pentex Subversions.

  • But 6 Quietus cards.
See the link.

Fear them, they hide in shadows.

Original post by Hugh Angseesing in the VtES Usenet Newsgroup. Further evidence can be found on The Path of Blood, home of Quietus brokeness and lobbying for Quietus anti-S:CE for more than a decade.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Point of View: 10 Things I Hate About Imbued

(c) 2006 by White WolfWhile I enjoyed playing and watching an Imbued deck when the VtES expansion "Nights of Reckoning" was fresh out the print machine, I now detest seeing an Imbued deck in a VtES game. You might ask "Why?" and I will give you 10 good reasons why I hate the Imbued:
  1. Imbued decks slow down the game
    • Explanation: This often not because the Imbued player himself how to play Imbued cards, but the other players are often not very accustomed to the Imbued specifics. So they need constantly to ask what a specific card does or need to examine the numerous cards the Imbued player controls.

  2. Imbued do not interact well with other players, for example

  3. Other players do not interact well with Imbued.
    • Explanation/Examples: This is not a problem with ally-based decks in general, since it usually affects only a portion of the controlled minions, but when cards don't affect all minions of a particular deck, this deficit matters.
      • You cannot move an incapitated Imbued to the ready region if you play a regular vampire based deck.
      • Several cards a regular vampired based deck features, simply don't work against allies/Imbued. E.g. "Obedience", "Seduction" or "Disarm" only work against vampires.

  4. Imbued are (too) predictable.
    • Explanation/Examples:
      • More often than not you can calculate how much stealth or intercept an Imbued will have, when looking at the cards on the table.
      • .. but it takes time and experience to calculate this quickly.

  5. Imbued have an extra role when compared with other allies.
    • Explanation/Examples:
      • An Imbued does not die when he lost his last life.
      • There are several ways of regaining life for an Imbued.
      • An Imbued is considerably harder to steal when protected by "React with Conviction".

  6. Imbued have defacto-permanent resources, to which other decks have only very limited access to.
    • Explanation: Each and every Imbued can easily have (semi-)permanent +1 stealth or +1 intercept by using "Second Sight" or +1 bleed or +1 strength by using "Strike with Conviction". Through the recursion of the Convictions in the untap phase (or other means), this is a defacto permanent effect.

  7. The distinct feel of vampires & their clans is missing.
    • Explanation: There are no clans, no bloodlines, only creeds. But still you don't play "Avengers" or "Judges" creeds, you just play "Imbued".

  8. There's little to no variation in an Imbued crypt.

  9. Imbued need two discard piles.
    • Explanation: For ease of play, Imbued players need two ash heaps, one for the regular cards and one for Convictions, since they need to move back Convictions very frequently. Otherwise it just takes too much time for the Imbued player to sift through his ashheap each untap phase to search for Convictions.

  10. The disabling Gehenna events are just too good for the Imbued (or too bad for the other players using regular vampire crypts).
    • Explanation: The Imbued can efficiently use disabling Events which screw all vampired-based decks, but not the Imbued, especially "Blood Weakens", "Veil of Darkness", "Slow Withering" and "Wormwood" are greatly diminishing the play of players relying on a regular vampire crypt.
Luckily the Imbued got a little bit powered down with the ban of "Memories of Mortality" and even more important with the ban of "Edge Explosion". But still the main problems with the Imbued, comprehension and interaction as explained above exist.

Hopefully there will never be a (standalone) expansion (for Werewolves/Mages/Wraiths/Changelings) that introduces the same kind of mechanism set.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Memorable Quotes (Part 48)

"Brilliant, Pinky! Oh, no, wait. What if we want to use a plan that works?" -- Brain.
Reminds me sometimes of decks that players bring to tournaments.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Storyline Event "Eden's Legacy" Announcement

A brief announcement for the next VtES Storyline Event named "Eden's Legacy" can be found on the VtES Storyline website. It says:
For centuries the Royal Order of Edenic Groundskeepers conducted their clandestine research documenting the secret resting places of the Antediluvians and the Methuselahs. Scholars of the order mysteriously disappeared while researching a site near Mombasa. The order in endangered. The war to control their secrets begins.
The storyline is scheduled for Fall 2009.

Post Scriptum: According to the VtM book "Time of Thin Blood the Royal Order of Edenic Groundskeepers is a secret society founded in A.D. 1645 that seek first and foremost the resting-places of the Antediluvians. They are scholars who now possess the most extensive library of Kindred archeology in existence. An offshot of this group is the Imperial Order of the Master Edenic Groundskeepers, which was founded A.D. 1898. They gather the recruits and weapons needed for a full-scale assault on the purported 62 tombs of Antediluvians and Methuselahs.

Aftermath of the "Rise of the Imperator" Storyline Event

(c) by White WolfBen Swainbank, V:tES Storyline Coordinator, has released information on the aftermatch story of the "Rise of the Imperator" storyline. As reported earlier Karsh has been chosen the Imperator of the Camarilla, while Count Germaine was a close second.
Faced with increasing threats from an anarch revolt, the deadly Sabbat, and their own internal strife, the Camarilla's Inner Circle agreed to appoint a military commander – an Imperator. The Imperator will lead the armies of the Camarilla, be entrusted to defend them, and maintain the traditions that protect them.

Around the world, clan elders and their masters maneuvered to place one of their own in the seat of power. Finally, the clans united behind a champion. Can he be trusted with this power? Has the Camarilla averted a catastrophe or invited one?
You can find the complete Rise of the Imperator aftermath story on the VtES Storyline Event website.

So let the next storyline begin ..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

¿Se Habla Español?

Since the European VtES Championship 2009 is taking placing in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, it's time to learn some of the more important phrases commonly needed in game of VtES en español:
  • "Soy tu aliado." -- "I am your ally."

  • "Nunca rompo pactos." -- "I never break deals."

  • "No te haré daño." -- "I don't want to harm you."

  • "Te sangro de ocho, con dos de sigilo." -- "I bleed you for eight, with +2 stealth."

  • "Por favor, no me ataques." -- "Please don't rush me."

  • "Desvio el sangrado a mi presa." -- "I bounce the bleed to my prey."

  • "Voto a favor." -- "I vote in favour."

  • "Voto en contra." -- "I vote against."
.. and most importantly:
  • "¿Habla Ingles?" -- "Do you speak English?"
If you know more valuable bits and pieces of VtES lingo en español, please feel free to comment. And please include the English translation!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Results Italian Mini-Qualifier Tour 2009

Here's an overview of the Italian VtES Mini-Qualifier tour 2009 results (as originally posted in the VtES Usenet Newsgroup). More info on this year's qualifier tour can be found in the Italian VtES Forum.
  1. Daring The Dawn -- Genova -- February 15th, 2009 -- 24 players -- Brujah G1/2 Brujah Debate -- Enrico De Stefano
  2. Bloodform -- Bologna -- March 08th, 2009 -- 22 players -- Gangrel Stanislava Mind Rape -- Christian Cannizzaro
  3. Body Flare -- Udine -- March 22nd, 2009 -- 13 players -- Cybele & The Great Beast -- Miro "The Mairos" Albertazzi
  4. Palla Grande -- Turin -- March 29th, 2009 -- 27 players -- Obf/Pre Vote feat. Lutz -- Gianluca Scala
  5. Living Manse -- Milan -- April 25th, 2009 -- 28 players -- Assamite Amaravati Vote -- Gianluca Vindigni
  6. Art Scam -- Pordenone -- May 10th, 2009 -- 23 players -- Legacy of Pander -- Alessandro Donati
  7. Lunatic Eruption -- Rome -- May 30th, 2009 -- 23 players -- Malkavian antitribu G4/5 Stealth Bleed -- Simone "Levy" Bianchi
  8. Creation Rites -- Florence -- June 20th, 2009 -- 23 players -- Samedi Reanimated Corpses/Bloat -- Giulio Roffi
  9. Black Metamorphosis -- Florence -- June 21st, 2009 -- 30 players -- Tup Dog Nephandi -- Danilo Torrisi
With an average of nearly 24 players the Italian Mini-Qualifier tour looks quite like a success to me. Maybe other national VEKN organizations should follow this shining example of a VtES promotional event.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

VtES Starter Deck Statistics

Since the invention of the clan-based starter deck in VtES, the basic parameters with 12 crypt and 65 library cards have been fixed. What actually differs is the number of different crypt and library cards in each starter. Here's the statistics how these number changed over time/expansions:
  • Sabbat Wars
    • Brujah antitribu (SW) -- 56
    • Lasombra (SW) -- 53
    • Tzimisce (SW) -- 59
    • Ventrue antitribu (SW) -- 61
    Average of 57.25 different library cards.
    Average of 12 different crypt cards.

  • Final Nights
    • Assamite (FN) -- 42
    • Follower of Set (FN) -- 53
    • Giovanni (FN) -- 53
    • Ravnos (FN) -- 54
    Average of 50.5 different library cards.
    Average of 12 different crypt cards.

  • Camarilla Edition
    • Brujah (CE) -- 43
    • Malkavian (CE) -- 36
    • Nosferatu (CE) -- 38
    • Toreador (CE) -- 45
    • Tremere (CE) -- 40
    • Ventrue (CE) -- 43
    Average of 40.83 different library cards.
    Average of 12 different crypt cards.

  • Anarchs
    • Baron (Anarch) -- 38
    • Gangs (Anarch) -- 49
    • Gangrel (Anarch) -- 44
    Average of 44 different library cards.
    Average of 12 different crypt cards.

  • Black Hand
    • Malkavian antitribu (BH) -- 36
    • Noferatu antitribu (BH) -- 37
    • Toreador antitribu (BH) -- 33
    • Tremere antitribu (BH) -- 30
    Average of 34 different library cards.
    Average of 12 different crypt cards.

  • Kindred Most Wanted
    • Alastors (KMW) -- 38
    • Anathema (KMW) -- 40
    • Baali (KMW) -- 36
    • Gangrel antitribu (KMW) -- 39
    Average of 38.25 different library cards.
    Average of 12 different crypt cards.

  • Legacies of Blood
    • Akunanse (LoB) -- 42
    • Guruhi (LoB) -- 44
    • Istarri (LoB) -- 37
    • Osesbo (LoB) -- 37
    Average of 40 different library cards.
    Average of 6 different crypt cards.

  • 3rd Edition
    • Brujah antitribu (3rd) -- 41
    • Malkavian antitribu (3rd) -- 38
    • Tremere antitribu (3rd) -- 37
    • Tzimisce (3rd) -- 44
    Average of 40 different library cards.
    Average of 9 different crypt cards.

  • Lords of the Night
    • Assamite (LotN) -- 39
    • Follower of Set (LotN) -- 38
    • Giovanni (LotN) -- 39
    • Ravnos (LotN) -- 38
    Average of 38.5 different library cards.
    Average of 6 different crypt cards.

  • Keepers of Tradition
    • Brujah (KoT) -- 30
    • Malkavian (KoT) -- 29
    • Toreador (KoT) -- 30
    • Ventrue (KoT) -- 30
    Average of 29.75 different library cards.
    Average of 6 different crypt cards.
So the general trend is that the average number of library cards has been reduced. While this gives a new player less different cards, it improves the playability of these decks greatly.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Poll Results: "How often do you forget to take pool for the Edge in your Untap Phase?"

Here are the results of the latest poll how often VtES players forget to take the pool for the Edge during the untap phase? 119 readers of this blog have voted in this poll.
  • Never! -- 7 (5%)
  • Rarely. -- 31 (26%)
  • Sometimes. -- 56 (47%)
  • Always! -- 21 (17%)
  • I never have the Edge! -- 0 (0%)
  • Edge? What's an Edge? -- 4 (3%)
Clearly the majority of the players (64%) do forget to take pool for the Edge quite often, while only a third (31% to be exact) rarely or never forget this.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Did you know, that ... (Part 32)

.. you cannot continue the "Reinforcement" action by any means (e.g. "Form of Mist" or "Ambulance") after it was blocked. The reason is that "Reinforcement" per its own card text is removed from the game even if blocked, and a minion can only continue an action (when blocked) if the action card is the ashheap at that moment. Another card that's not moved to the ashheap when blocked is "Swarm".

Reference: VtES Usenet Newsgroup or the VtES Rulings webpage.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Memorable Quotes (Part 47)

"And less is often more .." -- Christoph Martin Wieland
"You know you've achieved perfection in design, Not when you have nothing more to add, But when you have nothing more to take away." -- Antoine de Saint Exupéry
Also see the Wikipedia article on Minimalism.

Results New York City NAC Qualifier 2009

On July 11th, 2009 the VtES New York City NAC Qualifier was held in New York City, New York with 31 players attending the qualifier tournament. The final standings were as follows:
1. Ruben Feldman (SUI) -- 3 GW 13 VP -- 5 VP -- Edward Vignes Powerbleed
2. Shawn Stanley (USA) -- 2 GW 7 VP -- 0 VP -- Camarilla G4 Vote feat. Lutz
2. Matt Hirsch (USA) -- 2 GW 7 VP -- 0 VP -- Blood Brother Pot/For Anarch
2. Jevon Green (USA -- 1 GW 5.5 VP -- 0 VP -- Lasombra Bleed
2. Ray Ramos (USA) -- 1 GW 5 VP -- 0 VP -- Brujah Grenade
Congratulations to Ruben for his win of the New York City NAC Qualifier 2009. You can find a tournament report and the winner's decklist in the VtES Usenet newsgroup.

Friday, July 10, 2009

VtES Storyline: "Rise of the Imperator" Statistics

After the VtES Storyline event Rise of the Imperator has come to an end on June 30th, 2009, I have I compiled some statistics how the different clans scored, and how their results were on the different continents. The Gangrel were quite popular in North & South America and Asia, while the Brujah had their strongest base in Australia and Europe.

Left: Total score (including the Gangrel stand-in). Gangrel and Brujah together have 50% of the votes, while the rest of the clans are trailing far behind.

Right: Same as above with the Gangrel wins replaced by the actual winning clan.

In this hypthetical statistic, the Brujah have lead of 8% on the Malkavians.

Left: In North America the Gangrel dominated the Storyline, while the Brujah came in only on a shared 4th place. The Ventrue came in second, and the Malkavian third.

The weakness of the Brujah in North America sealed their fate in the second place.

Right: The score in Europe showed a a very strong standing for the Brujah, with the Gangrel trailing not to far behind.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gelsenkirchen VtES League 2009: July 8th

Here are the decks of the Gelsenkirchen, Germany VtES League 2009 from our weekly meeting on May 8th. This time we actually had two 4 player tables, which did not happen very often lately (prey is from left to right, from top to bottom):
Table 1

Left: Kinner played the well-known Ventrue Neo-Lawfirm deck, but got squashed between two Potence Rush decks.
Right: Michael played a Nosferatu antitribu Potence deck with Beast as his star vampire. (1 VP)

Left: Martin played a Toreador antitribu toolbox with an emphasis on Celerity Gun. But without guns he was no match for the other two combat decks.
Right: Martin S. played Weenie Potence deck, he won eventually the table as he had more minions than Michael in the heads-up

Table 2

Left: An Antonio D'Erlette Nephandus deck Ralf fielded, but due to lack of pool gain he was ousted in the midgame.
Right: Frank was very cautious with his Tzimisce Ani/Vic Bleed deck in the beginning, but scored 2 VP by ousting Zille in the endgame.

Left: Zille used his Ravnos Sensory Deprivation Bleed deck to oust his first two preys, but ran out of cards eventually.
Right: Thomas had a very short game with his Lasombra Potence deck, since two of this vampires were given a Sensory Deprivation right away.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Results Polish EC Qualifier 2009

On July 4th, 2009 the Polish VtES EC Qualifier 2009 was held in Warsaw, Poland with 25 players attending the qualifier tournament. The final standings were as follows:
1. Radosław Staszewski -- 2 GW 6 VP -- 1,5 VP -- Gangrel Renegade Garou
2. Bartłomiej Chrobak (POL) -- 2 GW 6 VP -- 1,5 VP -- Gargoyle Hatchling Swarm
2. Michał Kaszubski (POL) -- 1 GW 5 VP -- 1 VP -- Ventrue Neo-Lawfirm
2. Marcin Watras (POL) -- 1 GW 8 -- 0 VP -- Gerald Windham Freakshow
2. Grzesiek Popielnicki (POL) -- 1 GW 6 -- 0 VP -- Ventrue Neo Lawfirm
Congratulations to Radosław for his win of the Polish ECQ 2009. You can find the final standings and the tournament winner's deck in the VtES Usenet Newsgroup.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Memorable Quotes (Part 46)

"Really, anyone who isn't happy when their predator calls a KRC for less than three on them deserves to be hit for three with every KRC." -- bwross
Reference: VtES Usenet Newsgroup.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Imperator is Chosen

The debate was joined and conflict raged in 64 cities and 17 countries across 6 continents. Faced with a popular uprising in support of the anathema Count Germaine, the clans united. The elders threw their support behind the Gangrel warlord. Karsh has been chosen and will be appointed Imperator. He will lead the armies of the Camarilla, be entrusted to defend them, and maintain the traditions that protect them.

The question remains, has the Camarilla averted a cataclysm or invited one? Stay tuned for the full story of the Rise of Imperator Aftermath.

Get ready for the next chapter in the VtES Storyline, where we travel
to Africa to learn the secrets of Eden's Legacy -- coming fall 2009.

-- Ben Swainbank
You can find more information on the VtES Storyline website soon.

VtES European Championship 2010

Notre Dame de ParisAccording to the french VtES forum (see this organizational announcement) the European VtES Championship 2010 is going to played in Paris, France. The project is in the early planning stages, so the actual date for the tournament or the exact location has not been determined yet.

So you have the chance to play (and see)
while it's easy to convince your wife/girl friend to visit Paris with you, so she can visit
or any other non-VtES location. That's called a win-win-situation.

Results US National VtES Championship 2009

On June 26th, 2009 the US National VtES Championship was held in Columbus, Ohio with 49 players attending the tournament. The final standings were as follows:
1. Jesse Cross-Nickerson (USA) -- 4 GW 10.5 VP -- Black Hand Obfuscate Bleed
2. John Eno (USA) -- 3 GW 11 VP -- !Ventrue
2. Jay Kristoff (USA) -- 2 GW 8 VP -- Fighty Imbued
2. Hugh Angeseeing (ENG) -- 2 GW 8 VP -- !Ventrue
2. Karl Schaefer (USA) -- 2 GW 7 VP -- ???
Congratulations to Jesse for his win of the US National VtES Championship 2009. You can find (a widely scattered) tournament report in the VtES Usenet Newsgroup.
Remark: Please take note that the GWs/VPs shown above are those after the finals.

Results Origins NAC Qualifier 2009

On June 27th, 2009 the VtES Origins NAC Qualifier was held in Columbus, Ohio with 41 players attending the qualifier tournament. The final standings were as follows:
1. Mark Petersen -- 2 GW 10 VP -- Rodolfo / Persephone Tar-Anis / Kindred Spirits bleed
2. Rodd Closson -- 2 GW 10 VP -- Malkavian '94
2. Dave Litwin -- 2 GW 8 VP -- Nosferatu G1/2 Royalty Con Boon
2. Peter Bakija -- 2 GW 7.5 VP -- Nosferatu G1/2 Royalty Con Boon
2. John Flournoy -- 1 GW 6 VP -- Dom/Obt/Chi Big Bleed
Congratulations to Mark for his win of the Origins NAC Qualifier 2009. You can find (a widely scattered) tournament report in the VtES Usenet Newsgroup.
Remark: Please take note that the GWs/VPs shown above are those after the finals.

Results Northwest NAC Qualifier 2009

On June 21st, 2009 the VtES Northwest NAC Qualifier was held in Lakewood, Washington with 17 players attending the qualifier tournament. The final standings were as follows:
1. Fletcher Gibson -- 2 GW 7 VP -- 4 VP -- Samedi Reanimated Corpses
2. Brendan Davis -- 1 GW 4 VP -- 1 VP --
2. Donavan Brouwer -- 2 GW 7 VP -- 0 VP --
2. Jason Dawson -- 2 GW 6 VP -- 0 VP --
2. Kai Doll -- 1 GW 6.5 VP -- 0 VP --
Congratulations to Fletcher for his win of the Northwestern Qualifier 2009. You can find the final standings as well as the winner's decklist in the VtES Usenet Newsgroup.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Deck of the Month: June 2009: Anson, Volker & Ashur Tablets

This month's deck is the tournament winning deck "Anson, Volker & Ashurs Tablet" played by Marcin Watras (and original concept by Péter Korsós).

After last month this kind of deck missed the topspot for the Deck of the Month just by an inch, and the deck scored another tournament this month, now it's time for standing at the top of the list. The deck is a unique blend of Celerity Gun combat combined with the ability to block with Second Tradition: Domain and using Ashur Tablets to recycle cards from the ashheap. This version does not use Liquidation, but on the other hand has only the minimum library size of 60 cards.

Gang Territory
Bydgoszcz 2009 Mini-Qualifier
June 13, 2009
Bydgoszcz, Poland
3R + F
13 players

Deck Name : Anson - Volker Ashur ver 1.2
Author : Marcin Watras
Description : Deck concept taken from Peter Korsos.
2 GWs 7 VPs + 1 GW 3 VPs

Crypt (12 vampires) Capacity min: 2 max: 8 average: 5.33333
4x Anson 8 CEL PRE aus dom prince Toreador:1
3x Volker, The Puppet 5 CEL pot prince Brujah:2
1x Jimmy Dunn 4 CEL POT for Pander:2
1x Parmenides 4 CEL qui Assamite:2
1x Victor Tolliver 4 CEL pot !Brujah:2
1x Sarah Brando 3 CEL !Brujah:2
1x Carter 2 cel !Toreador:2

Library (80 cards)
Action (8)
8x Bum's Rush

Combat (35)
4x Blur
7x Concealed Weapon
2x Fast Hands
8x Psyche!
6x Pursuit
3x Sideslip
5x Taste of Vitae

Equipment (7)
7x .44 Magnum

Event (1)
1x Dragonbound

Master (19)
9x Ashur Tablets
3x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Fame
2x Haven Uncovered
1x Powerbase: Montreal
1x Tension in the Ranks
2x Vessel

Political Action (2)
2x Parity Shift

Reaction (8)
8x Second Tradition: Domain