Saturday, December 27, 2008

Did you know, that ... (Part 23)

.. a (D) action that requires a tapped minion as target fizzles, if the target minion manages to untap before the action resolves, e.g. when the minion untaps in reaction by using cards like Special Report or Black Sunrise.

Example: Great Kircher uses Nose of the Hound to rush a prince. The prince then uses a Second Tradition: Domain to untap. The action fizzles, since the prince is no longer a valid target for the Nose of the Hound action, but combat still occurs since the action was blocked.
The prince is (of course) still untapped after playing Second Tradition: Domain, but is tapped then for successfully blocking, even though the actual action has fizzled due to a missing target.

Similar examples apply to cards like Ambush or Blood of the Sandman.


Anonymous said...

in your example the action fizzles at his conclusion so the blok attempt occurs (and i think howler will certainly let it happens)

reyda said...

there is a flaw in your example :)
if the prince plays 2nd tradition, he is commited to intercept the Nose of the Hound action, thus resulting in a combat.
However, if he did untap with Eluding the arms of morpheus, he would have no obligation to block (and no intercept) so he stays untapped and the action fizzles.

reyda said...

oh, crap, i juste realized there is another problem with this example : If howler plays nose of the hound, as she masters superior spiritus, we must assume she played it at superior "enter combat with any minion". So regardless the tapped/untapped state of the target, the combat will occur. Sorry mate :)

Anonymous said...

No, actually I wasn't aware of this. Thank you sir, you rock!


extrala said...

I changed the attacking vampire in the example from "Howler" to "Greta Kircher" so that the "Nose of the Hound" action (requiring Auspex) needs a tapped minion as target.

I am still convinced that the action fizzles and there is no resulting block/combat (as the first commenter wrote), simply because there is no more action to block.

extrala said...

After some discussion on #vtes and checking the original posts again, I have changed the text, as the other commenters had already remarked.