Friday, December 5, 2008

Much ado about "Enkil Cog"

There's been much thinking about how to (ab)use "Enkil Cog" from the new VtES expansion "Keepers of Tradition". Here are the collected (and sorted) suggestions (mostly by XZealot and Dasein. in the Usenet Usegroup.
  • Sect/Trait
    • 10-cap Anarch who uses "Enkil Cog" to turn his freshly recruited "Cry Wolf" into an "Abomination".
    • 10-cap Anarch who uses the "Powerbase Los Angeles" to untap to take advantage of "Enkil Cog".
    • 10-cap Sabbat who uses "Enkil Cog" to bleed after being untapped from the appropriate Crusade.
    • 10-cap Sabbat vampire (such as "Lazvernius" or "Cailean") gets "Eternal Vigilance", then in my prey's turn untaps and either fails to block or plays "Forced Vigilance / "Minor Irritation / Majesty etc. "Cailean" would be awesome actually as he can block, set range to long, "Majesty", then bleed during my predator's minion phase for lots (he has superior Presence + inferior Dominate), grab the edge and tap "Using the Advantage" to gain 2 pool.

  • Clan
    • 10-cap Baali who uses "Concordance" to untap to take advantage of "Enkil Cog".
    • 10-cap Assamite who gets an extended use out of "Khabar:Glory" by bleeding with "Enkil Cog" and untapping with "Black Sunrise".
    • 10-cap Ahrimane who uses "Muricia's Call" to untap at the end of their turn to take advantage of "Enkil Cog".
    • 10-cap Tzimice who uses "Fiendish Tongue" and then burns a blood during your discard to untap and take advantage of "Enkil Cog".

  • Generic / Equipment / Master

  • Specific Vampires
    • 10-cap Toreador "Masika" who uses his special to take advantage of "Enkil Cog".
    • 11-cap Guruhi "Eze" who uses his special to take advantage of "Enkil Cog".
    • 10-cap Nosferatu "Cock Robin" gets "Enkil Cog", bleeds for 3 with "Deep Song", untaps, bleeds again with "Deep Song" (or something else) in my prey's turn. Season to taste with "Tier of Souls" for sh1ts and/or giggles.
    • 10-cap Setite "Nakhthorheb" gets "Enkil Cog", bleeds under the "Archon Investigation" radar for 2 on my turn, use his built in untap ability, then on my prey's turn bleeds for 5 with "Legal Manipulations" / "Public Trust" (plus possibly more from an action mod). Prey can't AI since it's his turn. And I can Direct Intervention his Deflection.

  • Disciplines
    • 10-cap vampire with Obtenebration who uses superior "Descent into Darkness" to come back into play untapped.
    • 10-cap vampire with Celerity gets "Enkil Cog", bleeds with superior "Flurry of Action". Untaps. Bleeds again in another turn.

  • Non-competitive
    • 10-cap Cheeseball who puts two "Return to Innocence" on himself to guarantee that his prey is ousted during his next untap phase.

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