Monday, January 19, 2009

Memorable Quotes (Part 31)

"Use Law Of 5 and you'll be fine." -- TexasJusticar on how to make sure that your star vampire shows up in your starting crypt.
Reference: The Mathematics of Crypt Draws thread.


extrala said...

Currently the link to the VtES Wiki seems to be down. So for your convenience, here's the essence of the "Law of 5":

If you need a certain vampire in order for your deck to work, the best way to ensure that you get that one vampire without getting an entire crypt consisting only of your star vampire, is to include five (5) of them in your crypt. This gives you you fair percentage (~85%) of getting at least one copy of the star vampire (~85%) in your start crypt, while you still have a good chance of getting other vampires as well in your start crypt.

reyda said...

yes but this law of 5 is not good , in the sense that it makes you play with a single vampire for most games, since you'll have to "fish" twice or more to get another sidekick vampire. I would limit myself to 4 copies, which is usually enough.
I know mathematics are cool, but experience is good too.

extrala said...

In a particular tournament I had a "Nephandus" deck based on "Antonio d'Erlette". I only had 4 copies of him in a crypt of 12. I won the three preliminary rounds since "Antonio" showed up everytime. But I lost the final since "Antonio" was not in the first seven crypt cards, then I run out of time and pool.

So much for my experience with the "Law of 5".

Or in other words: I am still convinced to run 5 copies in my crypt for real star vampire deck when only 1 or 2 additional vampires required. I agree with you, if you want a more diversified starting crypt, you need to lower the number of a single vampire 4 or even 3.