Monday, August 3, 2009

New White Wolf e-Magazine "Epitaph"

Up to now I haven't noticed that White Wolf has launched a new e-Magazine named "Epitaph" already in late April . On 50 pages "Epitaph" contains a wide variety of articles on White Wolf's games including "Vampire: the Eternal Struggle". With regards to VtES you can find the following articles in the first issue of "Epitaph" (Spring 2009):
  • Interview with artist Efrem Palacios -- p24ff
  • Information on the storyline event "Rise of the Imperator" -- p33f
  • List of upcoming VtES tournaments -- p35
  • "The Ritual of the Shovel Head" by Dane Smith (fiction) -- p44f
The "Epitaph" can be downloaded in PDF format (for free) in the download section of White Wolf's website.

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