Monday, April 26, 2010

Pictures from the "Praxis Seizure: Hilversum" VtES tournament

Here are a few pictures from the Praxis Seizure: Hilversum VtES tournament, that took place on April 24th, 2010 in Hilversum, Netherlands with 20 players from the Netherlands and Germany attending the tournament:

Left: The tournament took place in a venue named "De Akker" right next to this church, the Oud-katholieke Kerk St. Vitus.

Right: The prize support, a really nice metal VtES edge, and some Heirs to the Blood stuff.

Left: The inside of the "De Akker" during the second round of the tournament.

Right: Round 3 Table 1 with Rens, Yuri, Koen, Debbie and Manuel.

Left: Round 3 Table 2 with Boris, Laurien, Bart, Jeroen and Paul.

Right: Round 3 Table 3 with Herman, Mark, Jarno, Izaak and Didi.

Left: Round 3 Table 4. Desperate card cycling for bouncing an unblockable bleed. It didn't help ...

Right: This guy didn't make it to the final, and it clearly shows .. sooo sad!

Left: The Una Freakshow is running on the final table. Always a sight to behold.

Right: The final table with Jelmer, Laurien, Herman, Izaak and Koen.

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Anonymous said...

Right: Round 3 Table 1 with Rene, Yuri, Koen and Manuel.

Is actualy:
Rens, Yuri, Koen, Debbie, Manuel.