Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pictures from the Swedisch ECQ 2010 in Gothenburg

Here are a few pictures from the Swedisch VtES European Championship Qualifier 2010, that took place on April 3rd, 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden with 37 players from 3 countries attending the tournament:

Left: During GothCon: Swordfighting in Gothenburg (complete with stroller in the foreground).
Right: The front of the main building of the Hvitfeldtska gymnasium in central Gothenburg.
Left: Round 1 Table 1: Randal's Tap and Bleed deck vs. Tomas Giovanni Powerbleed deck.

Right: Round 2 Table 4: War Ghouls vs. War Ghoul. Daniel (left) managed to overcome Michael's numerical superiority.
Left: Round 2 Table 2: Not much crosstable love at this table with hate events played and vampires graverobbed crosstable.
Right: Round 2 Table 2: Guillaume Giovanni vs. the Imbued. New rule: the player with the most cards in play wins (.. or not).
Left: Round 3 Table 2: Stefan's Kiasyd managed to keep Michael's War Ghouls under control, even managing to kill two of them with Earth Swords + Target Vitals.
Right: Round 3 Table 4: Anders, Ola, Markus, Marko and Alex concentrating on the game.
Left & Right: The finalists of the Swedish ECQ were Robert (Weenie Presence), Adam (Tremere/!Tremere Powerbleed), Ida (Kiasyd S&B), Anders (Ani/Dom Bruise & Bleed) and Erik (Cybele Girls find inner peace).
Left: The final table after the first player (Robert) had been ousted by Erik.
Right: My favourite deck during GothCon: Randal's Ani/Pro Tap & Bleed deck. He got 2 GW 6 VPs in the preliminary rounds, but got DQed due to an illegal crypt (Huang had accidentally slipped in).


Randal said...

Shame on me for cheating ;), next time there I wont cheat, but it was great fun and I am very pleased with the deck for doing so well. The empty sleeve is a Codex of the ednic groundkeepers.

Warren Peace said...

Did Huang ever play any part in the prelim games?

extrala said...

As far as I know, Huang was at least once in the ready region, but never played/used any Protean card. So he could have been another copy of an Anarch Convert or Leo Washington, as Randal has suggested.

Markus said...

How about that, the Extrala was in the tournament! We never met so I didn't realize. What a shame.
Still, thanks for the photos.


(Boy, if I got a nickel for every "beard scratching" move during those Walk of Caine bleeds! See pic in post.)

Anonymous said...

Randal, any chance you can post your exact list? The deck looks quite interesting, but trying to recreate it from the photo is not so fun, and I'd prefer to see the original list and then change it into something completely different than have to fill in the blanks :)

Dr.Mafrune said...

I would also like to see the deck properly posted. The deck looks really fine, Randal.

extrala said...

Randal was so kind to send me the deck list.
As I have said in the blog post, I really like the deck. So as of now his deck s my choice for the Deck of the Month April, and I'll post it at the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, I wanna see it before that tho :( Early DOTM post, pwease?