Friday, June 15, 2012

Condemnation: Languid

Despite the fact that I build two new decks this week (from old concepts/decklists) for the next tournament (the Belgian ECQ this weekend), I currently have little to no motivation to build new VtES decks. This largely because I really begin to miss an influx of new cards for VtES. That is, the last expansion Heirs to the Blood was released more than two years ago (February 3rd, 2010), and I desperately need some inspiration in this matter.

I know there's a plethora of cards, especially from the Heirs to the Blood, Ebony Kingdom and Lords of Night, that might be explored, but I have some doubts that I can build new competitive decks from these unexplored cards.

So come on, VEKN Design Team, .. and publish the new set anytime soon!

Pronunciation: IPA: /ˈlæŋ.gwɪd/
Etymology: From Latin languidus (“faint, weak, dull, sluggish, languid”).

  • Lacking enthusiasm, energy, or strength; drooping or flagging from weakness, fatigue, or lack of energy; indisposed to exertion; sluggish; relaxed: as, languid movements; languid breathing.
  • Heavy; dull; dragging; wanting spirit or animation; listless; apathetic.


Joscha said...

Come on, there are still so many vampires to explore. Maybe you invent something unbeatable ;o).

Ankha said...

Well, I had never built a Gargoyle deck until last week, so there's always some things to do. But it's easier to have new ideas with new cards, true.

Anonymous said...

If YOU have doubts that YOU can build competitive decks, perhaps YOU should examine the problem with YOU.

It sounds like you're stuck in some sort of weird place built of stagnation and fear. There are always competitive decks left to build.