Tuesday, June 5, 2012


In Vampire: the Masquerade Frenzy is a state of mind to which a vampire changes when starving, being threatened or angered to the extreme. In this state, the vampire doesn't follow rationale anymore, but succumbs to his inner Beast. He follows his instincts, feeding on the next victim available, attacking those who anger/threatening him or fleeing from the terror he's experiencing.

In VtES Frenzy is a keyword/trait with no inherent game effect. Here's a list of cards which are considered Frenzy cards in VtES (mostly because I couldn't find one on the interwebs). Frenzy cards usually have either two effects, they allow a vampire to enter combat with another vampire or they prevent the vampire subject to the Frenzy card from using equipment and/or maneuvering. Interestingly not only cards requiring Animalism are Frenzy cards, but there some requiring Presence.
These Frenzy cards that can be canceled by Abombwe cards and some equipment and master cards provide immunity against Frenzy cards:
Also a number of vampires are "immune" to the effects of Frenzy cards:
In fact, while Frenzy cards cannot be played on Lord Aaron & Aleister Crowley, Laecanus & Gotsdam are immune those cards.



Azrael said...

Aye can cancel Frenzy Cards too

Jerome said...

In fact concerning lord Aaron, Frenzy card can be played on him, it costs only 1 blood/pool more.

Anonymous said...

Frenzy cards _can_ be played on Lord Aaron, see his cxard text.

Regards, Hardy

Anonymous said...

Path of the Scorched Heart