Wednesday, July 18, 2007

5 Tournaments in 10 weeks

Attended five VtES tournaments in ten weeks, that's quite a number compared to my last years attendance record. The results were above average (from my point of view) -- making it into 4 finals out of 5 tournaments, although a tournament win was not among them.
  • Saturday, May 19th -- Tilburg, Netherlands -- 2nd place -- Nephandus Mage Mafia
  • Sunday, June 10th -- Karlsruhe, Germany -- 2nd place -- Out Of Laibon
  • Sunday, June 24th -- Utrecht, Netherlands -- 11th place -- Sebastian Goulet Toolbox
  • Sunday, July 15th -- Bochum, Germany -- 4th place -- Allies 'R Us (multi-deck rules)
  • Sunday, July 29th -- Gelsenkirchen, Germany -- 5th place -- Akunanse Bleed & Block
In the tournament in Bochum we used the multi-deck rules, since we were only 8 players. I can only recommend this if you're less than 12 players. I played some of my allies decks, including the "Lasombra Nocturne S&B" deck, an "Imbued" deck (/w Flash Grenades) and the already proven "Nephandus Mage Mafia" deck I played in Tilburg.

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