Tuesday, July 31, 2007

VtES Lords of the Night Release Date

Finally the release date of the next VtES expansion "Lords of the Night" (LotN) has been announced, it's September 26th, 2007, about four weeks later than initially expected. So the preview on the White Wolf website will likely start in early September then.
Also new is the fact, that the official release date is not on a Monday, but on an Wednesday. As a corollary, the pre-release events are scheduled for the following weekend, that is starting from September 29th.
Quite a nice touch is, that the winner of the European Championship, which takes places in early August 2007 in Gothenburg, Sweden, receives a LotN booster display immediately. Although the winner has to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to prevent an early spoiler about the contents of the set.
You can read the complete press release on the White Wolf website.
Update: Oscar Garza had named problems with timely shipments of the pre-release material as reason for the new schedule in the international newsgroup.

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