Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Duffin Draft Rules

Since the event of the VtES 3rd Edition we started in our local playgroup to play Duffin Draft from time to time. Duffin Draft is a cheap, fast and fun variant of regular drafting. The rules were invented by Joshua Duffin (hence the name). Here are the rules:

A. Drafting
  • Each player provides 1 eleven card booster.
  • Normal booster draft follows, i.e. take 1 pass left.
  • Repeat until out of cards.
  • You must play with all of the cards you draft.
  • If you fail to draft any vampires, you will be ousted quickly.
B. Changes in play
  • Each player has 12 pool.

  • If a player is below hand size and has an empty library, he may use a discard phase action to reshuffle his ashheap into his library (draw up to hand size).

  • A player gets 4 pool for ousting his prey.

  • Each player has unlimited transfers in his influence phase.
Addendum: Double Duffin Draft
  • This is small extension to the "single" Duffin Draft rules. Each player provides two boosters; the first pass is to the left, the second to the right.

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