Monday, June 2, 2008

Deck of the Month: May 2008: Enkidu Brinksmanship

This month's deck is the tournament winning deck "Enkidu Brinksmanship" played by Ira Fay. While most Enkidu decks go the combat way, rushing and dunking famous vampires, this one goes a different. But read Ira's comments, they are quite insightful.
Remark: I know the deck has been marked as not tournament legal due the inclusion of "Lubomira" (group 5) vs. "Olga Triminov" and "Jesus Alcala" (both group 4), but replace "Lubomira" with "Roger Fansworth" and you have practially the same deck. And I just very much appreciate the concept of the deck.
Deck Name: Enkidu Brinksmanship
Description: Get 7 raptors on Enkidu, wait until you can safely call Brinksmanship, and then Psyche for the win.
This deck will never get 5 VPs, but 3 VPs is attainable.
When you have only 0-3 raptors, try to only enter combat with your crosstable buddies or soft targets who can't hitback. Once you get up to 4+ raptors, start going after your prey.
Remember when playing this deck that other people's pool totals are completely irrelevant, which takes a little getting used to. In one game, my prey was at 2 pool, and called a Political Stranglehold to gain 9 pool. I didn't block, I was happy when he Voter Capped, because it meant 1 less card in his deck, and more blood on his vampires to Taste off. I intended to use Denette Stensen and Kai Simmons instead of Old Neddacka and Lubomira, but I couldn't find them for the tournament.
In this deck, it's actually useful that Enkidu is Red List, because sometimes you can convince crosstable allies to rush you and let you get another Raptor via Pack Alpha.
I intentionally have very few Brinksmanship and Forgotton Labyrinths in the deck, because you don't really want to draw them early. Shadow of the Beast is really strong, so do what you can to get it at zero stealth, preferably after you have the Homuculus.

Crypt (12):
6x Enkidu, The Noah
1x Old Neddacka
1x Margarite
1x Olga Triminov
1x Leo Washington
1x Jesus Alcala
1x Lubomira Hradok

Library (90):
Masters (11):
2x Giant's Blood
2x Guardian Angel
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Dia de los Muertos
1x Blood Doll
1x Elder Library
1x The Coven
1x The Rack
1x Powerbase: Montreal

Action Modifiers (2):
2x Forgotten Labyrinth

Actions (3):
2x Brinksmanship
1x Shadow of the Beast

Combat (58):
14x Psyche!
13x Pack Alpha
12x Earth Meld
5x Taste of Vitae
3x Canine Horde
2x Armor of Vitality
2x Leathery Hide
2x Sideslip
2x Side Strike
2x Vampiric Speed
1x Form of Mist

Retainers (15):
14x Raptor
1x Homunculus

Reaction (1):
1x On the Qui Vive

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