Monday, August 23, 2010

VtES EC 2010: Another Friendly Reminder

Fellow Methuselah,

this is a friendly reminder of the upcoming 2010 European Championship that will take place in Paris, France starting from October 25th with the Week of Nightmares, with the LCQ / EC day 1 / EC day 2 on October 29th-31st.

Pre-registration and all the information you need is at official EC 2010 website. I strongly encourage all participants to register both to the event ("I register to EC" on the site) and to the accommodation place (named RIP, "I register to RIP" on the site), as soon as possible and redirect the information to whoever would be interested in attending the EC.

Before including here information about the venue, schedule and fees, I have a request for the people who post on a regular basis on other VtES related forums: could you either post here the URL for your local forum (national or the like) so I can post the same kind of message, or (even better) translate it yourself in your language and post there ?

You may also pass the word using the Facebook event page.

For the record, we currently have 65 pre-registered players from the following countries: Belgium (1), UK (2), France (22), Germany (2), Hungary (2), Italy (1), Spain (5), Finland (20), Norway (1), Poland (3), Portugal (1), Slovakia (1), Switzerland (1), USA (3). We can and should certainly have more attendance, but any boost in advertising from anyone would be welcome.

2010 VtES European Championship, (October 29th-31st),and Week of Nightmares (October 25th-28th), Paris

Please go to the official VtES EC 2010 website, where you can register, book accommodation, ask questions, etc. When following the links to the forums, you may also ask questions by e-mail at the address: info (at) ec2010vtes (dot) com.
  • Venue:
    • The 2010 European Championship will be held in the Residence Internationale de Paris a.k.a R.I.P, adress 44, rue Louis Lumière, Paris, France.

  • Schedule:
    • Monday, October 25th through Thursday, October 28th: Week of Nightmares (more and updated details on the WoN program can be found on the Facebook event page.

    • Monday, October 25th: Casual games at restaurant/pub in the afternoon, then MQE 2R+F (miniqualifier for the EC) in the store "Le Repaire du Dragon", Paris

    • Tuesday, October 26th : Casual games at the "Troll2Jeux" shop, Paris

    • Wednesday, October 27th: MQE at "Troll2Jeux shop

    • Thursday, October 28th: Sanctioned draft tournament at the RIP (that's the place where the EC takes place, also the place where most players will sleep), then Welcome Party drinks and quiz

    • Friday, 29 October: Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) or Legendary Vampire (see the VEKN France forum for more details)

    • Saturday, 30 October : EC Day 1 or Adaptability (basically Adaptability is a format in which you may switch decks between rounds, no special rule except a given vampire cannot be in more than one deck)

    • Sunday, 31 October : EC Day 2 or First Chance Qualifier (for EC 2011)

    • Monday, 1 November, 10 am : Leave the rooms

  • Tournament Fees:
    • 30 euro for attending the 3 tournaments of the week-end (for 20 euro you
      only start playing on Saturday, or even 15 euro to only participate in one

  • Accommodation and meal fees:
    • Single Room (1 bed): 52.00 euro per person per night
    • Double Room (2 beds): 34.90 euro per person per night
    • Group Room (3, 4 or 5 beds): 27.50 euro per person per night

    • 12.50 euro per meal, lunch or dinner (the breakfast is included in the room fare). Meal tickets can be purchased at that price whether you have a room or not.

  • Pre-registration to the EC: Go to the official website, then click on "I register to EC". Please do it as soon as possible, it will help us a lot in organizing the event. "As soon as possible" means "now", preferably. Not one week before the event. Really. It takes 5 minutes. Do it now. Please. Tell your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband that Paris is an awesome city (which is true, even in October), no need to negotiate.

  • Booking your accommodation: (that means "what you must do if you want to sleep
    during the EC"): Go to the official website, then click on "I register to RIP".

The 2010 EC crew is eager to meet you there ! Stone

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the article !
the list of pre-registered players can also be found here :

did you register yourself already ? Forget this VtES overdose thing and come join the show !
later Stone