Thursday, August 12, 2010

VtES Storyline: "Battle Lines" Aftermath

Ben Swainbank, the VtES storyline coordinator, has published the aftermath story of the VtES storyline event "Battle Lines", that took place from April to July 2010.

The ranking for the bloodlines look like this (Name -- #Wins -- (#Bahari/#Loyalists):
  • Kiasyd -- 15 wins -- (10 Bahari/5 Loyalist)
  • Baali -- 14 -- (14/0)
  • Salubri -- 8 -- (3/5)
  • Ahrimanes -- 7 -- (4/3)
  • Salubri Antitribu -- 6 -- (3/2)
  • Daughters of Cacophony -- 5 -- (4/2)
  • Gargoyles -- 4 -- (2/2)
  • True Brujah -- 4 -- (1/3)
  • Nagaraja -- 3 -- (2/1)
  • Blood Brothers -- 2 -- (1/1)
  • Samedi -- 2 -- (0/2)
The Kiasyd won the storyline event, but only by the smallest margin possible against the Baali. The Baali pledged their allegiance unanimously to the Bahari faction, but given the advantages provided by Lilith's Blessing this is no real surprise. Only in three of the bloodlines the Loyalist faction was stronger (the Salubri, the Samedi, and the True Brujah).

Regarding the key minions, the Kiasyd showing was not as scattered as the nominations for the Baali, so The Arcadian was the winner in this category:
The winning bloodlines pledged their allegiance with a significant margin to the Bahari faction:
  1. Bahari -- allegiance of 44 winning clans
  2. Loyalists -- allegiance of 26 winning clans
You can find more information on VtES storylines on the official storyline website.


Caller_in_Darkness said...

Slowly but steadily, the background story developed from the storylines is getting weird...

Fahroun said...

Ready for a demon/bahari extension ?

I.J. Thompson said...

The Baali already got plenty of toys in Heirs to the Blood. I really hope they give it a rest with them and demons and give the Sabbat something new!

Anonymous said...

Check again individual standings for True Brujah. There are 3 wins for Loyalists not Bahari and 1 for Bahari.
BTW. I hate this storyline and it is IMHO so far the worst one since present storyline coordinator took all in charge.

Ankha said...

I hope that the last words doesn't mean the end of the game...