Thursday, February 24, 2011

Announcement Brazilian National VtES Championship 2011

Copied from Brazilian National VtES Championship 2011 will be held on from June 22nd to 26th, 2011 (taking advantage of the Corpus Christi holiday) in Niterói, Brazil. Check out the VtES Brazil website and the complete information on the event. It's a very nice, very long weekend dedicated to playing VtES. The schedule for the event looks like this:
  • June 22nd (Wednesday)
    • Free day for arrivals, accommodations, etc.
  • June 23rd (Thursday, Corpus Christi Holiday)
    • Last Chance Qualifier
    • Sydnelson's Birthday Barbecue
  • June 24th (Friday)
    • Brazilian Championship (Preliminary Rounds)
    • Brazilian Cup (Preliminary Rounds)
  • June 25th (Saturday)
    • Brazilian Championship (Finals)
    • Brazilian Cup (Finals)
    • VtES Quiz 2011
  • June 26th (Sunday)
    • Booster Draft (2R+F)
More information (on travel, accommodation, fees, prize support, etc.) can be found on VtES Brazil (in English or Portuguese) or you can contact the organizer of the event via email ( sydnelson (/at/) live (/dot/) com ).

The list of the previous Brazilian VtES champions looks like this:
  • 2010 -- Fernando Grossi
  • 2009 -- Fernando "Sydnelson" Cesar
  • 2008 -- Cirleno Nicácio
  • 2007 -- Eduardo Kazan
  • 2006 -- Danilo Fernandes
  • 2005 -- Leonardo Villela

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