Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poll Results: "Should the use of proxy cards be allowed in VtES?"

Here are the results of the latest poll if the readers of this blog think that proxy cards should be allowed in VtES games. 210 readers of this blog have voted in this poll:
  • Yes, both in tournaments and casual. -- 23 (10%)
  • In casual games and for selected cards in tournaments. -- 18 (8%)
  • Only in casual games. -- 131 (62%)
  • No. -- 31 (14%)
  • I don't care. -- 7 (3%)
A large majority is against allowing proxy cards in VtES tournaments (76%), although only a minority of 14% is against the use of any proxy cards. Only a small portion of the VtES players want to allow the use of any proxy cards both in tournament and casual games (10%), and a similar small group wants to allow only selected cards as proxies (8%).

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