Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Memorable Quotes (Part 132)

'Brian Moritz is such a good player. He even makes VPs when he's no longer at the table.' -- paraphrased statement from a Dutch VtES player commenting on Brian's awesomeness during the VtES EC 2011.
Post Scriptum: In one of the tournaments the judges proclaimed a deal made at one of the deals illegal retroactively, awarding Brian a VP (after he was ousted) that way.


Izaak said...

Actually, as I gathered from the paraphrased Dutch player (Peter, I believe?), the deal was ruled illegal during the game, at which point said player just ousted Brian, something nobody was actually expecting to be possible at that point.

The judge then later ruled the deal (which, IIRC involved giving away a VP *after* securing the gamewin) as legal and gave Peter the choice to either keep the result as it was, or take the result that the deal was going to give him.

Peter chose the latter and thus Brian got awarded his VP :)

Anonymous said...

Brian was playing potence rush with Beast.

He took 5 rush actions against his predator to make the deal for 1.5 VPs instead of 1.

If he had played to win, by using those same 5 rush actions against his prey, he would have won the game with 4 VPs.

Izaak said...

Wasn't that the game where his prey had a Ponticulus out on turn 3, basically shutting down Beast altogether?

I mean, I just heard stories and watched the last 40 minutes or so, but I think Brian is smart enough to not make a 1,5VP deal when he can get a GW.

Anonymous said...

He rushed Ponticulus with the Ivory Bow and removed him.

In any case, he had the Ivory Bow and did remove Ponticulus before the turn of ousting his predator.