Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sins of our Ancestors

Some cards in VtES have an interesting past, where their cardtext was changed significantly or sometimes cardtext changed multiple times. For example:
  • Immortal Grapple (up to the Sabbat version) restricted strikes to hand strikes for the remainder of the combat, not only for the current round.
  • Majesty didn't cost blood during prior (to Camarilla Edition).
  • Pulled Fangs inflicted aggravated damage (until Sabbat War).
  • Golconda initially only burned the vampire, and did not remove it from the game.
These are only a few examples, but it shows how important it is to know (or at least to check) the latest cardtext if you build a deck/strategy upon a specific card.


Tiago Brum said...

Original Thoughts Betrayed:

DOM: "Only usable before combat begins.
Opposing minion cannot use any cards until after combat."

Baroken :)

Anonymous said...

Baroken : Return to Innocence?

I still think that RtI could have been rewritten to a non broken playable card. For the concept does fit the game.


Joscha said...

Regarding Thoughts Betrayes: Now it is nearly wallpaper. It is very difficult to adjust and balance a card. Unfortunately in this case it didn't work out well.

Ruibisomem said...

As an inexperienced player, I was recently shown the original "Misdirection". I couldn't help to laugh out loud.

extrala said...

Yeah, Misdirection was too easy to use back in the days. ;)