Wednesday, September 19, 2012


More or less by accident I read about a certain type of rule violation in trading card games (even as official terms in the online version of Yu-Gi-Oh!) which is called Rule-Sharking.

Rule-Sharking is defined as ..
"Attempting to force a non-existent rule or policy on an opponent who has made a small and repairable error."
On Dueling Network as examples for Rule-Sharking are named ...
  • Not allowing an opponent to Set an accidental Normal Summon (e.g. Snowman Eater).
  • Not allowing an opponent to activate/resolve a mandatory effect since they "missed the chance".
  • Asking an opponent to admit defeat after they have drawn an extra card by accident without shuffling their hand.


Boris said...

This is much less likely to happen in VTES since there always 3 other witnesses at the table.

floppyzedolfin said...

Good rule for V:teS: Call a judge - at least noone will complain.

Frequent situations which happen in Vtes and that are table-ruled different ways on different tables:

- replace the Bum's before the end of the action
- gain pool from the edge during the master phase
- declare you burn blood doll from vessel after replacing vessel
- influence phase issues (move counters as you've influenced over the wrong vampire)
- forget to perform mandatory hunts
- Play parity shift and then realize you have more pool than other players

Anonymous said...

i have seen a lot of judge that burn your contested card if you forgot to pay floppy. and there was no other cards or effect denying rewind.

extrala said...

Luckily you don't see this type of behaviour very, very rarely in VtES.

Diana Davis said...

Play parity shift and then realize you have more pool than other players
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