Thursday, September 6, 2012

VEKN: The Future of V:TES

Fellow Methuselahs,

we have great news for the V:TES community. While nothing is guaranteed, we are pursuing some creative solutions that might allow the game to continue. The plan, of course, is to release printed V:TES cards.

onebookshelf inc. has shown serious interest in putting a deal together that allows for printed publishing of (eventually) all previous and future V:TES cards through a print-on-demand program. You can read further details on the general program on The person behind onebookshelf inc. is Steve Wieck, former owner and president of White Wolf, a long time fan and benefactor of V:TES. I am also involved in the onebookshelf business which allows for close cooperation between the V:EKN and onebookshelf for having future V:EKN sanctioned cards published as well and for direct fan input to the whole process to bring you the best possible package.

However we need to be very patient, because it will take several months before everything is sorted out, eventually. It is very important for the fan base to not engage any of the licensing parties through e-mails, petitions or social media, it will not help and most likely even hurt the process. We are definitely months away from having all the signatures, the legal situation is complex. However all involved parties have shown general interest.

There is also the very real possibility that no deal can be made and the plan is going to fall through, but we are hoping for the best.

This also means that the PDF set designed by the V:EKN may not be released in PDF format, because ... it may be a printed set!

Johannes Walch
Chairman of the V:EKN


mattgreen said...

That is fantastic news.

Juggernaut1981 said...

I have to say that this news is getting a LOT of positive responses from the Australian Players (via their Facebook Group). So I just hope it all comes through!

extrala said...

I hope so too!

Anonymous said...

To reprint past card would need to overcome the licence problem...