Saturday, October 6, 2007

Results Australian Continental VtES Championship 2007

Copied from Australian Continental V:tES Championship 2007 has been played on September 29th to 30th, 2007 in Sydney, Australia. The Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) has been played with 19 players attending on Saturday, 29th; the finals of the tournament has been played with 38 players attending on Sunday, 30th. The standings of the final round were as follows:
  1. Peter Rophail (AUS) -- 3 VP + GW -- Imbued Toolbox
  2. Keith (AUS) -- 2 VP -- !Malk S&B
  3. Ben O'Neil (AUS) -- 0 VP -- Gangrel
  4. Kevin Cameron (AUS) -- 0 VP -- Malkavian Vote/Bleed
  5. Leon Tranter (AUS) -- 0 VP -- Hexaped Deck
Congratulations to Peter Rophail, for his second win of continental championship after 2005. His decklist is archived on Lasombra Tournament Winning Deck Archive (TWD) as well as on the Sydney VtES homepage here. A full report on the tournament week (including the LCQ and the finals) has been posted here.

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