Saturday, October 6, 2007

VtES Bikini Models

Some weeks ago after the Usenet newsgroup had been spammed (again) by some "Bikini Model" site owner, Petri Wessman and Wookie813 came up with two versions how a "Bikini Model" card for VtES should like:

Petri's version is an action modifier card, which reads like this:
Bikini Models
Action Modifier
[pre]: Only usable as an ally is trying to block. The block fails and that ally cannot block this action again this turn. That ally does no untap as normal during his next untap phase.
[PRE]: As above, but that ally does not untap as normal during his next two untap phases.
Flavor text: "Wow, check out those melons! I gotta get her phone number..."

Wookie813's version is an Ally card, which reads like this:
Bikini Model
2 Pool
1 life. 0 strength. 1 bleed.
Male minions cannot attempt to block Bikini Model. Bikini Model can tap a male minion as a (D) action at +1 stealth. Female minions get +1 intercept when attempting to block Bikini Model.
Flavor text: "Oh, shoot! I've got sand all over... be a sweetie and brush me off?"

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