Friday, October 5, 2007

VtES Program Updates

Faster than I would have expected all of the major programs used for VtES card handling and search have updated their contents to the "Lords of the Night" expansion.
  • The fastest of them all was Graham Smith, who has updated the card file for the "Anarch Revolt Deck Builder".
  • Balazs Kuno Kiss updated the FELB to version 2.4.0, not only with the LotN expansion, but also with the functionality to view the pictures of the cards. These have to be downloaded seperately here, beware this file is about 150 MByte large!
  • Also Ethan "I'm still maintaining this" Burrow has updated his online search tool, the Monger. Which is also quite useful for this site, since I am usually linking the card names to the corresponding page on the Monger's site.
  • Also "darkbob" updated his shiny new program "Simple VtES Builder" for Linux to the new expansion.

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