Friday, October 17, 2008

Interesting VtES Kit

While searching the internet for VtES related images, I found this interesting item you can see on the right. Can anybody tell me what this box is for? New storage box for cards, or is it used for electrocution of the VtES tournament winner if he uses sleezy decks like Kindred Spirits Stealth Bleed", or is it used to blowup chinese printing companies after they print the backs of VtES cards upside down again?

Also please take note of the funky logo ..

It's a "Liberty Industries Model BSB-100 V-TES Bridge Substitution Box". Whatever a bridge substitution box really does ...


sk. said...

It's a strain gauge substitution bridge. You use it in industrial environments to calibrate a strain gauge, usually a foil glued to the object whose strain you want to measure. Deformation causes the electrical resistance of the foil to change, which can be measured with a Wheatstone bridge. Since obviously these foils cannot be standardized, the substitution bridge is used to set the 0 and maximum pressure point to the desired voltages.

Anonymous said...

It seems to be a device that measures strain on an object by measuring the change of electrical conductance of an attached metallic foil. Inside the box is a wheatstone bridge, which contains 3 resistors of known resistance ( one tunable), the fourth resistor is the one that is measured. The goal is to tune the resistor to such a resistance, that the voltage at the midpoint of the 2 legs reaches zero, thus enableing the researcher to calculate the unknown resistor via R4=(R2/R1)*R3
I actually had to use one of these in a experiment about flash photolysis in physical chemistry

(searched wiki for strain gauge and wheatstone bridge)

protytwo said...

If you look carefully you will note that it is a strain gauge. It can record the moment when you realize that you are sandwiched between a weenie stealth bleeder and a wall deck, and are going to spend the rest of the game in a state of hand jam. It also pegs high for the moment you realize that Ben Peal is your predator.