Monday, October 13, 2008

Updated VtES Storyline Website

White Wolf has updated its website containing the V:tES Storyline information for Storylines past and present. Read the full post byBen Swainbank:
We are pleased to announce the new and updated V:tES Storyline website. Come check it out at:
The site has updated rules and reports for all the Storyline Events. We also have the rules and card images for Black Miracles and Lies, the Storyline Event taking place at the NAC in Montreal.
While you are there, check out the updated rules and event listings for the BYO Storyline Series. We've pulled together information from the past BYO events and will be updating more of them in the days to come.
You should also check the rules for running and reporting BYO events.
These rules have changed in some important ways. Significantly, the requirement that you win a Continental Championship has been dropped. Each year we will be printing event and rewards cards from the best BYO Storyline Events. We will also updating the updating web site with coming BYO events, and these results may influence the main Storyline.

If you have ever run a BYO Storyline Event, we would be happy to include the details of your event on the site and consider your rewards card submission. Please follow the reporting format indicated on the event rules page and send your event submissions and reports to:

Ben Swainbank
V:tES Storyline Coordinator

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