Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Results NAC 2008: Day 1

Here are the results of the Day 1 tournament of the VtES North American Championship 2008, which was played on October 24th-26th, 2008 in Montreal, Canada. The qualifier for the NAC finals have been finished on Saturday, with 57 players playing in this tournament of which 25 qualified for the finals. The standings of the final round were as follows:
1. Matt Morgan (USA) -- Assamite Anarch Revolutionary Council
2. Ben Peal (USA) -- Malkavian antitribu Stealth Bleed a.k.a. Cheesequake
2. Orian Gissler (FRA) -- Giovanni Khazaar's Diary
2. Hugh Angeseeing (UK) -- Ventrue antitribu Toolbox
2. Kay Kristoff (USA) -- Kyasid/Lasombra Black Hand Bleed
Congratulations to Matt for winning the Day 1 Tournament. A short tournament report and the winner's deck can be found on the Usenet Newsgroup.

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