Sunday, October 26, 2008

Results NAC 2008: Last Chance Qualifier

The first results of the VtES North American Championship 2008, which is played on October 24th-26th, 2008 in Montreal, Canada, have been announced. The first major tournament was the Last Chance Qualifier on Friday, which gives non-qualified players a chance to qualify for the actual NAC tournament. 40 players participated in the NAC tournament, the standings in the finals were:
1. Pascal "Floppy" Bertrand (FRA) -- Obfuscate/Presence Vote
2. Hugh Angseeing (UK) -- Followers of Set Bima Dominate
2. Alexandre Bustros (CAN) -- Ventrue G3/4 Vote & Bleed
2. John Eno (USA) -- Imbued
2. Johannes Walch (GER) -- Weenie Saturday Night DBR w/ Graverobbing
Congratulations to Pascal for winning the LCQ. A short tournament report and the winner's deck along with some pictures can be found on the NAC 2008 Blog.

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