Monday, February 23, 2009

BYO Storyline Providence: "Whispers in the Darkness"

Something sinister is stirring in the city of Providence. Nightmare horrors come to life and attack the cities supernatural inhabitants without warning and then disappear as quickly as they manifest. Strangely, every evening at exactly 1:00 am, a vicious seizure of pain racks every non-mortal being, seemingly to siphon their vitality towards some dark purpose. Gehenna cultists have found their way to the city to herald the coming of the end, seeking either to stop the events before it is too late, or conversely, urge them along to their conclusion. The cities Kindred are in uproar. Some have fled, some are hiding, and still others are hunting for the source of these events. Murmurings warn of the stirrings of an Antediluvian, or the rising of a hideous demon, other rumors speak of some strange device causing the events. Whatever the cause, dark times haven fallen on Providence, and death, destruction and chaos are soon to follow. -- "Whispers in the Darkness" Storyline Prelude
A new Build-Your-Own Storyline (BYOS) named "Whispers in the Darkness" is going to be held on Sunday April 5th, 2009 in Somerville, Massachussets. Greg Williams has created this storyline with an elaborate Lovecraftian theme; he crafted not only the rules, but also elaborate background material. You can find the complete Storyline information on the Ash Heap, and the Storyline event annoucement in the Usenet Newsgroup

Also the aftermath story of the last BYOS event "Hashashin's Creed" has been published on the VtES Storyline website.

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