Friday, February 6, 2009

Card Box Assembly

After I have read the post in the Usenet Newsgroup on a particular card storage box, I had to look for myself. Especially after someone posted a photo of the wooden box with VtES cards in it. So I went to the outlet of the well-known swedish furniture manufacturer, and I after inspecting the product called "Fira", I bought two pieces, that is two large(r) boxes with 9 small(er) boxes in it, both made from wood. Unfortuantely I had to assembly this piece of engineering ingenuity by myself. After buying wood glue (not really required, but I mistrusted, the nails/screws-only solution), I wanted to start the work at home, but I apparently I missed the essential tools. I searched desperately for a screw-driver and a plier (and found them) for quite some time, but a little hammer wasn't to be found, so I eventually lend one from my neighbour (thanks!).

So finally here's my little do-it-your-self how-to:

Left: The basic package with all the contents plus the equipment I used to assemble the card storage box(es).

Right: The contents of the package with one of the small boxes pre-assembled.

Left: The parts of one of the small boxes. 8 nails to fix the whole box, I used wood glue for extra strength.
Right: Assemblying one of the small boxes, this one has a front, a side and the bottom part put together.

Left: Small box with nails sticking out. Time to pick up the hammer!

Right: The assembled big box, where you see the three levels. Each of the levels hold three of the little boxes.

Left: The final assembly, the big box with the 9 small boxes set in. The wood is not treated in any way, but can be painted, oiled, waxed, etc.
Right: Complete box with some cards. Each compartment holds ~700 cards, so you can store ~6300 cards in the whole box.


Mynock said...

The lower version of GLIS from IKEA also works great for storing cards

M.Schnober said...

I am using GLIS but I will replace them FIRA. GLIS has several disadvantages: The dividers which are included dont fit very well and thus easily get out of their place usually causing chaos :( Furthermore I dont like the fact that you stack GLIS. It is quite cumbersome when you want to build a deck and need cards that are in the bottom box...



Pudel said...

What is the interior height of the small box? I wonder whether the boxes are big enough to store cards in protectors/soft sleves, or it's just entirely impossible.

extrala said...

The interior height is exactly the width of a card. No room for card sleeves of any sort.

You can check it out in any IKEA store, they usually have an assembled sample box oon display.

M.Schnober said...

However, it should be possible to modify the boxes, so it can store sleeved cards as well. Quick draft: grind the orginal inserted floor or replace it by a thiner one. Check your hardware store if they can cut it for you :)