Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"VtES 2009 Nossies" Awards: Nomination Round

The VtES 2009 Nossies Awards is an online award the VtES blog http://www.charlottebynight.com/ has introduced in 2008 to allow fans of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle to vote and acknowledge the best new VTES cards from the past year.

On Februry 23rd, 2009 the nomination process for the VtES 2009 Nossies Awards has begun. Until March 9th, you can nominate a single card for five (of the eight categories). To have your nominations heard post a comment with your card choices at http://www.charlottebynight.com/. After that the final voting will begin at http://www.charlottebynight.com/ for a week and the winners will then be announced.

Read the full story and nominate your favourite cards on http://charlottebynight.com/?p=640.


Jordan said...

Thank you for your support!

Chlorix said...

I do not understand why the Promo's of 2008 are not eligible. Most of them are not that great, but they should at least be considered.