Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Next VtES Expansion "Blood Dimmed Tides"

The first spoilers for the next VtES (maxi-) expansion "Blood Dimmed Tides" (BDT) have surfaced on the Usenet Newsgroup. This new and exciting expansion will contain approx. 500 new cards with ~150 new vampires and ~450 new library cards. The tagline for the expansion is "We put depth into strategy".

Along with the usual boosters, there will be 6 brand-new starter decks with all-new vampires:
  • Assamite SEALs
  • Aquatic Gangrel
  • Lasombra Pirate Captains
  • Ravnos Mermaids
  • Samedi Zombie Pirates
  • Tzimisce Squid Ghouls
There are at least three new keywords/game mechanics
  • Depth -- a new combat range, similar to close or long range.
  • Aquatic -- a new trait for all minions.
  • Shiplane -- this mechanic is not yet known to the public.
Other cards which names have been spoiled, but we have no further details about:
  • Harpoon of Ahab
  • Lost Temple of Set
  • Reinforced Hull
  • Spear Gun
  • Squid Ghoul
With the assistance of some little (anonymous) helpers from White Wolf research & design department, here's a glimpse of the cards that will be published in early Q2/2009:

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Ankha said...

One of the more coherent expansion so far :D