Monday, June 14, 2010

VtES Storyline "Battle Lines": Current Standings

The VtES Storyline event "Battle Lines" is about to end in two weeks (on June 30th, 2010), so I have I compiled some statistics how the different bloodlines clans are ranked, and how the Loyalist vs. Bahari faction standings is right now. You can find the raw data on the Battle Lines Storyline Standings web page.

Right: The Baali are clearly leading with 10 wins over the Kiasyd with the 7 sevens wins. The 3rd place is shared by the Daughters and the Salubri with 4 wins each. Almost all of the Bloodlines clans managed to get at least one win in the storyline events with the exception of the Harbingers of Skulls and the Samedi. But the most astonishing thing is that the Nagaraja managed to claim victory 3 times, although they don't have yet a single entry (as a clan) in Lasombra's Tournament Winning Deck archive (TWDA).

Left: The Bahari faction is clearly leading with 24 to 13 wins against the Loyalists. The Baali alone account for 10 wins of the 24 Bahari victories.

For the Kiasyd (as current runner-up) matters are a little more complicated. Of their 7 victories 4 can be attributed to the Bahari faction, and 3 to the Loyalist faction.

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