Friday, October 8, 2010

Aus! Aus! Aus! Das Spiel ist aus!

Sepp Herberger was a German football manager, most famous for being the manager of the German national team which won the 1954 FIFA World Cup. Herberger was noted for his ability to sum up the essence of the game in short phrases, many of which survive to this day in the German football vocabulary. Most of his quotes can be applied easily to VtES as well:
  • The game lasts for 120 minutes.
  • After your turn is before your turn.
  • The next prey is always the toughest one.
  • The Edge is round.
The original quotes can be found in the Wikipedia entry on Sepp Herberger.


_angst_ said...


Also <3^2 for the title of the entry.

hodgestar said...

The edge is round so that one can play Reversal of Fortune.