Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Lighter Side of ..

Actually there are some good things about the fact that the production of VtES has been stopped (at least for the moment):
  • No more Bang Nakhs or Berettas in VtES starter decks.

  • The Blood Dimmed Tides expansion for VtES will never see the light of the day.

  • There will be no "Strike: Combat Ends" for Quietus. Suck it down, Assamite fanboys!

  • Cards you own, like Carlton van Wyk, Enkil Cog, Ashur Tablets, Parity Shift, etc. will be more valuable than ever, since they will never be reprinted.

  • Sucky cards like Eyes of the Dead, or Crimson Fury will never get an update, which would make slightly less stupid.

  • There will be no foil cards or "mythic rares" in VtES, even though the "CCG market demands it".
Anything that comes to your mind? Please comment ..


hodgestar said...

Love number 3. :)

John Eno said...

Put down the pipe, Ralf. It's the OPPOSITE of a good thing that Blood Dim'd Tides will never be printed.

Joscha said...

Don't you dare to compare Bang Nakh to Beretta. Bang Nakh is such a good weapon, I don't get the whining about it! ;o)

I'm really sad about not seeing the Blood Dimmed Tides-Exp. Boohoo.

Another really good thing is that we will never see another +stealth modifier for Dominate (hopefully).

Charles Bronson said...


blood dim'd tides FTW!

floppyzedolfin said...

Farewell, weresharks :(

Jelsky said...

I love the Crimson-ani thingy. It could actually be helpful when you play Alexandra, and some nasty Tariq tries to Amaranth you..
It's Subdued by the Blood, but not a master!! And as we all know that card is an auto-include in a bigcap deck....

Anonymous said...

but it would ba a shame to put all those Vampires of the exansion straight into the sunlight.

mind the wording:
"...will never see the light of the day."
wich IS a good thing.

That they wont see the light of night either is another thing.