Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The First Turbo Deck

There was some discussion in the VtES Usenet Newsgroup over what the first Turbo deck actually was (based on Lucita, Arika or The Baron), it turned out to be based on Aurora Van Brande, Paladin. At least, this deck was posted by Chris Berger back in 1998:
Just for laughs, I've decided to post this deck. Any ideas on how to make it actually reliable (as it is, it works sometimes but not usually)?

In the same light as Regarding Henry, Feeling Minnesota, and Eating Raoul, it's... (dum dum DUMMMMMM!!!!)

Recycling Aurora

20 Aurora Van Brande
(or any unreasonable number - if you're playing JOL, go with 500 so you're sure not to run out)

LIBRARY (100 cards - use more for JOL, less for most real games)
6 Dominate Masters
6 The Barrens
10 Soul Gem of Etrius
10 Freak Drive
18 Camarilla Vitae Slave
18 Force of Will
16 Daring the Dawn
16 Conditioning

I think the idea should be obvious. It's a lot like most other infinite loop combos, except that this one can be done multiple times on your turn with virtually no set up. I'm almost hesitant to play this deck in JOL because people would get so pissed off. Maybe I should try to build it in RL... 8) I wonder where I'd get that many Soul Gems from.
Reference: VtES Usenet Newsgroup.


floppyzedolfin said...

I wouldn't consider this one as a "turbo" deck.

I think a "turbo" should play all cards in its library in a single turn, and oust several players (or do its best) in that same turn. It should also be quite fast (i.e. doesn't start on turn 10)

Turbos can't rely on Masters, since they aren't playable during the one minion phase they're going to use to win.

xcver said...

Soul gem is easy...but where to get 18 Camarilla Vitae slaves...