Friday, December 31, 2010

Results "Fee Stake: Frankfurt" Tournament in Frankfurt a. M., Germany

Here are the results of "Fee Stake: Frankfurt" VtES Draft tournament in Frankfurt a.M., Germany after 2 rounds and the final. The tournament was played on December 30th, 2010 with 10 players participating. Here are the standings after the final round:
1. Joscha D. -- 1 GW 4 VP -- 0.5 VP -- Jack Drake & Friends Open War
2. Robert F. -- 1 GW 3 VP -- 0.5 VP -- Ventrue antitribu something ..
2. Rudolf G. -- 1 GW 2,5 VP -- 0.5 VP -- Lasombra & Friends Steely Tenacity
2. Alexander T. -- 0 GW 2,5 VP -- 0.5 VP -- Tremere Steely Tenacity
2. Ralf L. -- 0 GW 2 VP -- 0.5 VP -- Gangrel feat. Dimitra Monkey Wrench
Congratulations to Joscha for his victory in the tournament. Draft basis were 3x Twilight Rebellion, 2x 3rd Edition and 1x Keepers of Tradition boosters. In addition, there were some special rules in effect (making the event a non-rated one):
  1. Due to time constraints, the time limit for each round was limited to 90 minutes only. Despite this in 5 games there were 3 game wins.

  2. There were six (local) Fee Stakes available (see below), each with its own card text. Before each round from these six two Fee Stakes were given to each of the tables and placed in the middle of the table. Every Anarch (with capacity above 4) could take an action to acquire one of the Fee Stake in the middle of the table. If the Fee Stake is voted down, or the current Baron of a particular Fee Stake is burned or removed from game, the Fee Stake card is moved back to middle of the table.
Left: Fee Stake Darmstadt

Left: Fee Stake Frankfurt a.M.

Left: Fee Stake Kassel

Right: Fee Stake Mainz

Left: Fee Stake Marburg

: Fee Stake Wiesbaden

The specific cities for the Fee Stakes were selected because there are (or were) VtES playgroups in these cities of the German state of Hesse.

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