Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Motivated By ..

When trying to motivate myself for an upcoming VtES season, I always try to set some goals for myself for the next year. I must admit when it comes to VtES tournament games (or any other form of organized game like a VtES league), I am a competitive type of player. Sure, meeting and talking to other players is important to me as well, but regarding deck building and preparation as well as in the tournament I am really trying to win the game(s). Maybe not Ayrton Senna-intensive, but still..

So setting goals helps me and motivates me building reasonable decks, going to tournaments and being competitive in the games. One important thing is that these goals must be (realistically) achievable. Winning a tournament is a reasonable goal, winning the Last Chance Qualifier, Day 1 and Day 2 tournament in a Continental Championship is not.

Some of the goals I set myself in the past included the following:
  • getting a game win in a (local) league game.
  • getting a game win in a tournament.
  • reaching a final in a tournament.
  • qualifying for the continental championship (I failed to do this for four consecutive years (2004-2008))
  • winning a tournament.
  • winning the local league.
After achieving these goals, of course, not all in a single year, of course, but over the past 4-5 years, the two goals for the next year are:
  • winning a major tournament (national championship or qualifier) -- this is a tough one
  • making it to the VtES Hall of Fame (one tournament only missing here)
Preferably this can be done within a single tournament, but we'll see how things turn out. ;)


Mephistopheles said...

Hi Ralf!

My motivation was this:

1. Make it to the Hall of Fame (done)
2. Try win every game
3. Achieve this without bleed bounce and with combat (sort of done)

Since I've reached my goal my motivation has no totally changed:

1. Explore the depth of v:tes
2. Have fun and enjoy the game
3. Built decks I would have never built before
4. Help new players as much as possible



Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Juggernaut1981 said...

Best of luck to getting your goals Extrala.

Mine are:
- Build up my local group
- Keep on building decks that are outside my comfort zone
- Qualify for the Continentals
- Establish regular (but maybe not frequent) tournament games at my FLGS... (Maybe Sanctioned, maybe not).

Myrdin said...

My goals for this year

1. Make it to the Hall of Fame
2. Create at least 2 new decks that are tournament worthy
3. Expand the playgroup in Stockholm
4. Create a more competitive environment in Stockholm
5. Win the EC! ;)