Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kindred Lore: Khazar's Diary

Not exactly Khazar's Diary .. but close enough ..For a long time, the Giovanni supported the idea that if they could return to the nights when the spirit could easily affect the world, their power would grow. Since the Giovanni are the only Kindred to practice the Black Art, and if the subjects of that art could universally increase their power, so would the Giovanni's power increase by extension. The desire to tear down the sudario is known as the search for the Endless Night, whereby the dead and the living would share the same plane of existence..

The text of the Khazar's Diary is rumored to contain a ritual that will allow the boundaries of the physical world and the underworld erased. Toward the end of the 17th century, Claudius Giovanni, then right hand of Augustus Giovanni, had uncovered amongst Cappadocian documents hints where to find Khazar's Diary in a Cappadocian temple named Erciyes in Turkey. Leading a group of Giovanni, he went off to secure the document, but to date it is still discussed among scholars whether the operation in this regard was successful or not.

The ritual, according to those with knowledge, requires the soul of 100,000,000 deceased individuals to enact. The Giovanni have different plans to gather these souls required for the ritual. Necromancy is the most functional, but the Venitans also have the ability to plan in the long term ..

Sources: Giovanni Clanbook

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