Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kindred Lore: The Promise of 1528

After Augustus Giovanni founded and established the Giovanni as a clan by diablerizing Cappadocius in 1444, he had his right hand, Claudius Giovanni, start negotiations with the Camarilla. While the Camarilla wanted to prevent another fire to flare up after the Anarch Revolt and the rise of the Sabbat, and keep the Kindred society from becoming even more factious, the Giovanni sought to establish a solid standing within the Kindred society and wanted essentially to be left alone.

In 1528, a treaty was signed in Venice by Rafael de Corazon (from clan Toreador) and Claudius Giovanni, which addressed two main issues. The Giovanni refrained from taking part in in all Kindred affairs (and especially Camarilla politics). At the same time, the Camarilla stopped taking any actions against the Giovanni, but required the Giovanni to be subject to a periodic audit by the Camarilla's leadership (to be undertaken every 13 years at Venice).

This treaty is now known as The Promise of 1528.


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