Sunday, April 1, 2012

New VtES Keywords

From a confidential source, it became known to me, that beginning on May 1st the VEKN will introduce a number of new keywords to the VtES rules. This should help speeding up games much, as wording for the effects is more compact. It will also help save valuable space on cards with an otherwise overly long text.

An official statement (by the VEKN rules director) for these rule changes will come up later this week, and the rule changes will be effective on July 1st, 2011 for tournament play.

This is the list of new terms/key words:
  • Maneuvercept = for intercept with a maneuver
  • Presscept = for intercept with a press
  • Preventacept = for intercept with damage prevention

  • Stealtheuver = for stealth with a maneuver
  • Stealthpress = for stealth with a press
  • Stealthvent = for stealth with damage prevention

  • Dodgeuver = for maneuver with a dodge
  • Presseuver = for maneuver with a press
  • Prenteuver = for maneuver with prevent

  • Pressvent = for prevent with a press
  • Dodgeress = for dodge with a press

  • Stealthtap = for stealth with a tapping effects (e.g. Faceless Night)
  • Addodge = dodge with an additional strike
Cardtext for cards affected by the change, e.g. Hidden Strength or Quicken Sight will be updated on VEKN website (and the CSV file) at the end of the month. The cards of the upcoming new VtES expansion will already reflect the changes in using these keywords extensively.

If you think, there's more terms that can be used in a similar fashion, please feel free to make a comment here or open up a new thread at


Anonymous said...

Haha. Nice one!


martin said...

so..if i block with a spirits touch, i would declare "i maneuvercept to long range", thus negating any upcoming "where do you get that maneuver from?" question. looking forward to far less timeouts! finally, yay :)

Anonymous said...

Great....even harder for new players to lear the game....:S

Joscha said...

What about a "rusheuver" for rush with a maneuver, "rushess" and "rusheuvereuver" for Nose of the Hound with two maneuvers?

Y.Y. said...

I see what you did there...

aaron_clark said...

I'm glad to see the rules team is finally getting its act together. We have gone too, too long without these vital and important keywords. Thank God, the confusion will lift!

Sydnelson said...

April fools rights?

Azrael said...

I think it´s one of these things that happends only at of April.
But it´s a good one. :)