Thursday, April 26, 2012

Popular excuses for losing a VTES game

Bad beat stories .. these are not only being told in Poker, but in VtES as well. And the excuses why we lost a game of VtES ... I think we heard them all. Here's a categorized list of the most popular ones ...
  • The strange excuses:
    • My dog ate my deck list, so I couldn't play the deck based on my brilliant idea.
    • I forgot what deck I was playing.
    • I played a Nagaraja deck.
    • I didn't bring my lucky pool counters/edge/..
    • I had the sun in front and was dazzled by card sleeves' reflections.
  • The technical excuses:
    • I didn't draw the right cards (my key cards) at the right time.
    • The table seating was not optimal.
    • My star vampire wasn't in the start crypt.
    • My star vampire was Pentex'ed.
    • My key card was DIed.
  • The social excuses:
    • I was backousted.
    • My crosstable "buddies" were against me.
    • They split the table.
    • I was too tired to play well.
    • I didn't want to win ..
    • I wanted to try some new deck idea.
  • .. and finally, the honest excuses:
    • I had no pool left.
    • The other played better than I did.
    • I suck at this game.
Anything more to add by you, dear readers? Feel free to comment and add yours!


Boris said...

-I was too drunk to play well
-Everybody else at the table sucks at this game Had they played normally, I would have won.

Hakuron said...

"I misanalysed today's meta ..." ;)

mattgreen said...

"I told Hugh what I was playing beforehand, so he played Warghouls."

Barontinel said...

The wild boars ate junk food
(only for Asterix fans)

Shimi said...

Hey, Hakuron, I used that one last week (along with lots of other excuses, I take no chances)!

Tiago Brum said...

"Erik Torstensson's not going to the tournament, so it's not worth to win anyway."

Brandonsantacruz said...

-Bad shuffle
-Bad match-ups
-Other players are stupid and let X win

Brandonsantacruz said...

-Other players are stupid and let X win
-Bad deck match-ups
-Bad number of transfers

Ke said...

"I was stupid, played stupid and did some incredibly stupid things" — more of a reason than an excuse.

Joscha said...

"The judge made a bad ruling."

Darby Keeney said...

- "X" is broken, where "X" is a card combination like Ashur Tablet's + Liquidation.

- "Y" is broken, where "Y" is a player like Hugh, Matt or Erik.

SkyZo said...

WoW! Boris, the second one is so true... just heard it like tons of times when I used to play V:tes back in my hometown. Players around there were soooo hardcore! LOL

Hakuron said...

"I did not want to participate in the endless table talk ..." :)

@ Shimi: Great!

@ Tiago: This one I like most!!

Shimi said...

And lately I use another one a lot:

"This deck is simply cursed and so am I for even trying to play with it."
(related to my CEL/PRE w/.44s bruisebleed)
Sad truth is - I just play it like an ass. :-)

reyda said...

"Everybody was afraid of my deck and agreed to oust me first " :p