Sunday, April 20, 2008

Impressions from the German VtES ECQ 2008

Here are some of the pictures taken during the German ECQ 2008, that was held on April 19th, 2008 in Frankfurt a.M., Germany.
Left: The calm before the storm. The players registering and waiting for the 1st round to start.

Right: Robert's Assamite receives a call, while Christopher is trying to figure out, how to oust Ralf's Ahrimanes.
Left: Round 1: Johannes' Potence Weenies have taken care of Hardy's Giovanni. The other Johannes is sceptical how he can oust Didi's Malgorzata deck.
Right: Round 1: The table in full motion with Sebastian, Dennis, Mart, Stefan and Andreas.
Left: Round 1: Herman's Una Freak Drive truck fully loaded and sweeping the table.

Right: Round 3: Wall-to-Wall: Lukas' Tzimisce Wall vs. Sebastians' Akunanse Wall w/ Bleed.
Left: Round 2: Christoper's Cel/For/Pre Vote deck and Mart's Pro/Ani Wall struggling for the win.

Right: Round 3: Yuri, Didi, Georgios and Dennis arguing ...

Left: Round 2: Johannes, Dennis, Peter and Stone trying to figure out who's going to win.

Right: At the final table, Sebastian, Kristian, Stone, Ralf and Herman are struggling for the ECQ win.

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