Friday, April 25, 2008

"Twilight Rebellion" Launch Event

(c) 2008 by White Wolf Inc. On the White Wolf website you can find more information about the Twilight Rebellion launch events that take place during the weekend after the "Twilight Rebellion" mini-expansion is released, that is on May 28th, 2008.

Basically the launch event is a booster draft tournament, where "White Wolf" proposes to use the "Twilight Rebellion" and "3rd Edition" boosters from the "Twilight Rebellion" launch kit. The organizers of the tournament are then encouraged to send feedback of the tournaments back to "White Wolf", which is compiled into a news story about the launch events afterwards.

Also the contents of the launch kit have been detailed further; the kit contains:
  • 2 booster displays of VTES Twilight Rebellion
  • 2 booster displays of VTES 3rd Edition
  • 12 Nergal (Advanced) promo cards
  • 1 laser-etched Edge Marker from Dragonfire Lasercrafts

I expect the official previews of "Twilight Rebellion" cards on the "White Wolf" to start during the mid of May.

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