Sunday, April 12, 2009

Clan Hoser Cards

Due the lack of proper filters/search capabilities and the likely need when building an Imperator deck here's the list of VtES cards that handicap a (vampire of a) particular clan:


Luis Espejo (from Chile) said...

Derange isn't a hoser
Malkavian Derangement: Paranoia is playable against antitreibu malkavian

and you miss "infamous warlock" of !Tremere

great blog!!

see you

Anonymous said...

Derange isn't a Malk/!Malk hoser... it can't even be played on them. Derange is a bit of a hoser for other clans... but mostly when it changes someone's sect and costs them use of their title. Or, more likely, when you follow it use with real Malk hosers.

Unacceptable Appearance is technically a hoser... although it's more accurate to look at it as a Pander card (because that's how it sees play).

Corruption's Purge (vs Setites)
Infamous Warlock (vs Tremere antitribu)
Mistaken Identity (vs Ventrue antitribu)

This is, of course, ignoring things like Seeds of Corruption, PS: Venice, or PS: Istanbul... where the hosing is more of a side bonus.

Mongrel said...

Derange is not a hoser of Malks and !Malks...

extrala said...

I stand corrected. Obviously I compiled the list a tad to fast. "Derange" is not a hoser, I agree, and "Unacceptable Appearance", as you mentioned, is sometimes even part of "Legacy of Pander"-style deck. I left "Unacceptable Appearance" in the list, since it specifically names Nosferatu antitribu, and deprives the target from his original clan status.

KevinM said...

You forgot THREE hosers against !Tremere. Thery are so powerful that they needed FOUR hosers!

Infamous Warlock
Dauntain Black Magician(Changeling)
Ayelea, The Manipulator