Thursday, April 9, 2009

VtES Promo Cards 2009 (Part I)

Here are the four new VtES promo cards which are part of the VtES Draft Kit 2009 (although I haven't seen the cardtext of "Rogue" yet):

The Marrakech Codex
Cardtype: Master
Unique Master.
Tap to look at and reorder the top four cards of your library. Any vampire may steal this card for his controlled as a (D) action.

Cardtype: Action
+1 stealth action. Requires a titled vampire.
(D) Burn a younger non-titled vampire who has burned one of your non-Red list vampires since your last turn.

The Fourth Cycle
Cardtype: Event
Requires at least two other Gehenna cards in play.
When this card is played, burn all Gehenna cards and conviction cards, and send all vampires with capacity 3 or less in torpor. No Gehenna cards may be played while this card remains in play.


Joo Maselli Gouvêa said...

The Marrakech Codex = Sensey diving top from "Magic" hehe wonderful!!

i want one to my Osebo deck...

extrala said...

And Sensei's Divining Top got banned in Extended on September 1st, 2008!

"Marrakech Codex" is just too good; especially in Wall decks, which can defend the card (in addition to "The Rack" and "Smiling Jack").

Joo Maselli Gouvêa said...

hehe i hope the codex do not get banned never!!!

yes... is perfect to wall decks.

Orpheus said...

Seems that "Rogue was the initial name for Inceptor...