Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prize Support for German ECQ 2009

Here's some of the prize support (at least the part I have assembled) for the German ECQ VtES tournament, that takes place on June 13th, 2009 in Bochum, Germany. The pictures are not originals, but prints of art originally created by Heather Kreiter, along with a card that features that same piece.

Left: All three frames (with protective covers for the edges) together.

Right: Unmada, Malkavian in his quest for pain extraordinare.

Left: Karen Suadela, Brujah; more looking like a frakking Ventrue, but what the hell ...

Right: Liquefy the Mortal Coil; still one of my favourite VtES artworks.


Joscha said...

Verrry nice! Got to attend!

Brandonsantacruz said...

Title says "price support," it is prize support, right?

Joscha said...

And it's Karen SuAdEla :o).

Luis "Goofo" Espejo said...


great prize support!