Monday, November 2, 2009

Archon 1.3 Help

Last Saturday we had a local VtES tournament, and I had the pleasure of assisting the organization with the Archon spreadsheet (version 1.3) for keeping track of the tournament information.

We had some problems with the Archon 1.3, when trying to enter the tournament rounds (2R+F). If we had entered 3 as number of rounds (on the "Tournament" worksheet) the automatic seating order was not entered for the individual rounds (on "Round 1" and "Round 2" worksheets). Also there were a number of cells which showed an error ("Err205") (e.g. the "Number of Event matches" cell) and the "Standings" worksheet was also messed up.

What helped in the end was entering the tournament as 3R+F tournament, but then deleting the seating entries on the "Round 3". Thanks to KevinM for the hint.

I am not 100% sure if this is a general problem, or if we didn't enter the information in the order the Archon expects, but we had the problem on Windows XP both with OpenOffice and with MS Excel 2007.


Nick M said...

The seating is only automatically set up for 3R+F tournaments (as mentioned in the Archon Instructions)
I usually run 2R+F tournaments and created an 'Optimal Seating' chart for it:
2R+F Optimal Seating chart

Principe de Lisboa said...

Hi Ralf,

In my experience as tournament organizer and since that error also appeared in the Archon 1.2, I usually set the players manually.

I usually go to the Round 1 sheet and Round 2 sheet and manually enter the player's number. After this the archon will automaticly set the number of matches correctly.

Another error is in the "Vekn Report" sheet, in the Name column, the data is retrieved from the "Standings" sheet, but in the Games Played column, the values are retrieved from the "Methuselahs" sheet which makes pairings wrong.

Ricardo Marta
Prince of Lisboa