Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Merging Vampires

Lately I was looking at some the advanced vampires in VtES, I was astonished when I remembered that there actually only three ways to merging an advanced vampires with the base version:
On the other hand with the lastest expansion "Ebony Kingdom" the number of advanced vampires has grown to 41.
Missing are the two latest storyline promos for Melene and Yazid Tamari, which would raise the count to 43.

So my question/issue is, why are not other cards supporting the merging of vampires, or having a merged vampire in play? For making vampires Black Hand or Anarch there are way more card in the game, and while I understand that the advancement mechanism is a bit different from the aforementioned I would like to see some more support for it.


Anonymous said...

Gramle offers yet another way of making sure one gets their vampire merged. It's not great but it works none the less.

Anonymous said...

Missing are the two latest storyline promos for Melene and Yazid Tamari
Should be Menele.

Brent said...

Gramle isn't so bad because you can make use of the extra copies if you want to... but you do need to be able to get the action through.

Other options for crypt tutoring: Recruitment, Summon the Serpent (for Kemintiri), Soul Scan, and The Stranger Among Us (which doesn't do anything now... but we can always hope for Saulot (advanced)).